Academic Environment

Academic environment

The founder of shree sandipani international school found it with a mission to provide the youth with an opportunity to acquire an all round education. Today, it is one of the landmark efforts of its founder and his competent team. Shree sandipani international school endorse a holiday education modal, Each child has her or his own identity and self esteem, valued and prodded. A high quality education environment has the greatest positive effect on the life of a student. For our students we attempt to crate on atmosphere of space freedom, care and security in which they are nurtured to expand their horizons and grow.
The distinguishing features of our school ambience are holistic approach/Nurturing treatment consistency in efforts/hands on practical exposure/stimulating mentors exploratory attitude the intention of the school is to awaken the intelligence and the generosity of spirit in students so that are able of meat an increasingly complex world without losing their identity, the correlation of a global outlook a love of nature and a concern for humanity are all part of our educational aims.

Key Elements of our Educational Program

  • It integrals interactive learning across the curriculum.
  • It ensues openness, celebrates diversity and creates a multicultural learning community.
  • I provides all that a child needs for a truly holistic, relevant and international education.
  • It emphasizes the process of own meaningful learining rather than just passing the examination.
  • It emphasizes parental partnership in the child's learning.